A few words about the company

PRĄD has been providing services in the shipbuilding industry since the beginning of its activity (i.e. since 1993) both in Poland and abroad.

Since the company's establishment, we have carried out many projects, which has contributed to the great experience of our employees and allowed them to acquire the ability to independently organize their own structures for the needs of projects carried out in various places around the world.

The range of services offered by us includes:

  • design and execution of complete or partial electrical installations on the repaired or built vessels
  • Repairs of electric motors
  • locksmith services in the scope of construction of cable tracks and foundations for electrical equipment
  • Fibre optic installations including fibre optic welding
  • services in the field of measurement of elements of electrical installations, including thermovision inspections
  • prefabrication, supply, installation of electrical switchgear
  • renovation and construction of piping and ventilation components
  • welding services and assembly work for the replacement of unit parts
  • quick preparation of service teams for sudden failures (so-called flying squads)

Since the establishment of the company we have carried out many projects, which has influenced the great experience of our employees and allowed us to acquire the ability to independently organize their own structures for projects carried out in different parts of the world.

Prąd Serwis Elektryczny has been present on the shipbuilding market for over 25 years. Our wide range of electrical services, locksmith's services and works connected with prefabrication of ready-made structures allows us to perform complex reconstructions or work on the construction of new units. We have certificates of the Polish Register of Shipping PRS and Bereau Veritas and since 2017 we have been awarded the ISO certificate.

We are a strategic partner of Stocznia Remontowa SA in Gdańsk. We have a second office there, as well as an electrical and locksmith's workshop. Together with the help of the electrical department, we have repaired over 1000 vessels.

However, our services do not end with works in Poland. Numerous contacts gained during tenders or by recommendation allow us to gain foreign maritime market. Currently, we cooperate with more than 20 foreign partners, thanks to which we have performed work on the largest vessels in the world, such as cruise ships Royal Cariberian, Carnival or container ships Mearsk and specialized ships.

Since 2014, we have been taking part in the comprehensive construction of AC DC current transformer stations, which belong to the wind energy system. So far we have built such stations in Sweden, Germany, Holland and France.

At the Rostock shipyard Neptun Werft, since 2011 we have comprehensively equipped 14 newly built river vessels of the Viking Lines with electrical fittings, including their connection and commissioning (one vessel 143,000 km of cables). We are currently involved in the construction of the section for the newly built cruise ship THE GLOBAL.

Our employees have special training courses, thanks to which we also perform work on the platforms. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are not afraid to take up new challenges.