Fibre optic

We make new installations and service and repair existing ones. We provide welding services for fiber optic measurements on all our projects regardless of location. We have two welders and two reflectometers to perform measurements. Our fitters have extensive knowledge confirmed by certificates and training, and many years of experience in the industry.

Other measurements that we perform are:

  • LAN network measurements
  • Measurements of insulation status
  • Light intensity measurements
  • Thermal imaging measurements
  • Fibre optic measurements
  • Fibre optic I Measurements


Fibre optic



  • Huge information capacity of each individual fiber and incredible transfer rate (bandwidth)
  • low loss and ability to transmit signals over long distances
  • total immunity to electromagnetic interference as well as no emission of any interference
  • low weight and dimensions
  • the lack of disruption means that almost 100% of the information sent by fibre optic cables can be classified as confidential. It is almost impossible to make a wiretap.
  • It is becoming more and more profitable - the downward trend in fiber optic prices continues.
  • no risk of sparking, safety during operation
  • high reliability
  • straightforward operation
  • Increasing prevalence, including in local networks.