Electrical Heating

We are the official distributor of ELEKTRA brand products in the field of heating systems ensuring comfort inside and outside the apartments.

Electric heating is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for this:

  • Buildings are made of better and better materials with better and better thermal parameters,
  • the investment costs of installing electric heating, including underfloor heating, are significantly lower compared to other heating systems,
  • very easy, precise and independent temperature control in every room,
  • Electricity is considered to be the purest medium,
  • almost unlimited access to electricity,
  • The efficiency of electric heating is almost 100% due to the lack of heat losses during combustion and transmission,
  • no dirty rooms, such as the boiler room






Space heating - (underfloor heating in the form of prefabricated heating mats)


  • Electric heating is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for this:
  • very convenient and fast installation with the development of a prefabricated heating mat,
  • easy, precise and independent temperature control of each heating circuit,
  • unrestricted access to electricity, which allows you to start underfloor heating in the bathroom without having to switch on the central heating system
  • efficiency of electric heating close to 100% (no loss of heat during combustion and transmission),

Price from 80,00 EUR

Space electric heating 



Protection against frost - i.e. heating cables

The frost protection system protects pipes, valves, actuators and other components susceptible to cold weather damage even in severe winters. Losses from damaged pipes and valves outweigh the cost of heating installation.
Heating systems are used to protect pipes from freezing:

  • water supply systems
  • sewage pipes
  • sprinkler systems
  • hydrant systems
    - drainage pipes in air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    All types of pipes can be heated, both metal (steel, copper, cast iron) and plastic. For heating pipes and pipelines it is used: ELEKTRA VCD10 and ELEKTRA FreezeTec® fixed-resistance heating cables with constant heating power per 1m of cable ELEKTRA Self regulating heating cables Self regulating heating cables ELEKTRA SelfTec® with heating power of the cable adjusted to the ambient temperature

freeze protection