Electrical works

The company Prąd provides services related to electrical works on the marine and land markets.

Electrical installations are practically the heart of every facility.

Our installations can be found mainly on the maritime market. We equip every type of vessel with them. From small fishing boats, through river vessels, research and specialist vessels to the largest passenger or container ships.

For over 15 years we have had a second branch in the Remontowa S.A. shipyard where over 50 people work all the time. We take part in the repairs of electrical installations, rebuilding, quick repairs or transformations of various systems on ships.

We are able to praise more than 70 projects on which our company has comprehensively equipped the vessel with electrical installations and participated in the construction of the ship from scratch.
We have made over 1000 units repaired, repaired and requiring service only on the premises of Remontowa S.A. and our work does not end at the Polish borders.

An important aspect of electrical works on the vessels are locksmith works - such as laying cable routes or foundations for electrical equipment.

 Electrical works

Since 2014 we also take part in comprehensive construction of AC/DC transformer stations. These stations are classified as part of the system of green energy coming from windmills located at sea.
So far we have made 4 full stations from scratch and we have taken part in the construction of the platform which collects and transmits energy to these substations on land. The platform stands in the North Sea.

Our services include not only the installation of cabling and connections, but we also offer;

  • electrical measurements
  • thermovision tests of switchgears, cable routes, accessories.
  • mats and heating cables
  • service

Our work consists of:

  • designing and equipping electrical switchgear and electrical systems
  • installation of AC and DC cabling
  • installation of ship's automation systems, any other systems on vessels
  • installation and connection of optical fibres
  • electrical measurements
  • verification of insulation condition.
  • commissioning and testing of individual systems.
  • Supervision
  • electrician