Secondary steel work

The Prąd company provides services related to locksmith's work on the maritime and land markets.

We carry out repair works related to the reconstruction of buildings, maintenance works, as well as comprehensive locksmith's work for the given electrical, ventilation or hydraulic system. We perform works according to our own or client's design.
Our works consist of:

  • installation of cable trays and trays as well as individual approaches
  • construction of foundations for switch cabinets
  • construction of cable crossings
  • prefabrication of individual elements
  • MIG rights, TIG rights
  • Locksmith

steel work

We specialize in prefabrication of various types of steel and wooden elements. Our own workshop allows for a trouble-free and timely execution of a given construction.
Cooperation with wholesalers of steel and wood provides us with competitive prices of all kinds of materials. All prefabricated elements are made in accordance with current standards (both marine and land), and have the necessary material certificates.
Additionally, we have the possibility of sandblasting, powder painting of the made elements and we provide our own transport.

Marine and Land Prefabrication

Fuel and lubricating oil pipelines:

  • Cable glands
  • cable trays and individual approaches
  • Foundations of control cabinets
  • promenades
  • flaps, covers
  • staircases
  • walls
  • landings
  • Complex electrical locksmith
  • plasma cutting, turning
  • powder coating