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IR Infra Red Survens

Our company performs thermal imaging tests of electrical installations - switching stations, contact protection, cables, transformers, motors

We work with FLIR cameras - it is a leading company in the production of this type of equipment.



  • We reduce the risk of fire
  • Minimizing unplanned downtime during plant commissioning
  • Optimization of the operation of a given switchgear or system
  • High detectability of possible malfunctions
  • Quick overload diagnostics in the electrical installation
  • In the land industry in buildings it is possible to detect leaks in the roof of windows where the appearance of mould or fungi can occur. Thanks to the camera we can also locate the leakage of water.


Thermal imaging

 Thermovision tests of electrical switchboards, contacts, transformers, cable routes and other electrical devices are performed not only in Gdańsk, but also in Poland and abroad.